Monday, August 30, 2010


Our weather is changing here in sunny Ca and it's starting to feel like fall! I love when this time of year comes! I am also feeling a bit under the weather, Shannon was fighting this cold and then gave it to Jr and I now. I think his is teeth related but I am hoping not to feel worse, my throat is so sore!

Well I have  been busy ramping up my Mary Kay business lately and that can very humbling.  I invited all of my neighbors to an open house sale at my home and not one person came!  Soooooo.... I am prayerfully seekign guidance to know what to do next and how to go about it because I am a little rusty in the social and people area, not having gone out and done this for a while.  I have faith that it will pick up and that I will meet who I am supposed to and when!

 I am also marketing myself more for my notary business.  I am so thankful to be home with JR but I am really excited to be able to monetarily contribute to our empire! Jr is getting so big!  He gets smarter and smarter every day.  When he calls me "mum" it just melts my heart!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well today I had big plans for celebrating Shannon's 2nd Fathers day and it didnt go as I had planned. He got up early to go into work and then went over to his parents house to have a "talk" with his mom. I hope it was well received but things are not going to get better between her and I unless WE resolve OUR issues. It's all pretty dumb but what is even worse is that she is ducking having the "talk" with me to get stuff out in the open! I am learning a lot about myself and definitely growing in this experience- even Shannon has come a long way as far as I am concerned he is a better man for having this trial to deal with. 
Jr. and I went to Color Me Mine and made (painted and hand printed) a mug that says i love dad on it and we gave it to him today so he could start using it.  He loved it! then we went out to dinner to Carinos.  I am thankful for such an awesome Husband and father to my child! My own Father was very influential in my life and which I am so thankful for! He and my mom have been married over 30 years and I love the person he has become over the years.  I learn a lot from my parents- like how to love and support with out intruding or judging, and how to be different but still be together and supportive of each other.  I am fascinated with the dynamic of opposites attract because it's true but it doesnt always pan out... in their case it has! Happy Father's Day Dad! Happy Father's Day Babe!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well its definitely a Monday today. We enjoyed an awesome weekend- seeing friends and family.  the highlight of the weekend for me was my hot date with Shannon- FINALLY!!!! we had been out before but it was short and sweet and I was anxious the entire time because we were leaving him with my in-laws. This time however, was much different and I really enjoyed myself and had no worries or anxiety, our cousin Talishia stayed with Jr for a few hours and it was a wonderful much needed outing!

This morning at 3:30 a.m. Jr woke us up with a fever and he was not a happy camper!  It is time for his bottom eye teeth to come in and he is miserable- poor little baby!  Of course I gave him medicine to break his fever and then we prayed over him and he fell back asleep but man o man today has been interesting to say the least! There really is no schedule and I am giving him whatever he wants to make him happy - stop crying.... We went to Long Beach to Color Me Mine and painted ona mug for Fathers day for daddy!  He did ok but he was tired and cranky- right now he is napping... (BIG SMILE)

I am ready to kick my business into gear and I am very hopeful that the Lord will send me the women that I am supposed to meet.  I am also very hopeful that either I work out the issues that my mother in law are having regarding Jr or that the Lord sends me babysitter so that I really can work the way I need to.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Baby is 1 already!!!!

so today we had Jr.'s birthday party at El Dorado Park in Long Beach.  Shannon and Pop went to try to reserve the place I wanted under a veranda with 4 tables but of course they got there at 10 a.m. the spots had been taken so we had to improvise and get some tables around the duck pond.  It worked out good though, even though we got there late we had a great turn out (probably 20-25 people there) and even though we ran out of food, Shannon had to go get dominoes pizza! My brother John came from AZ on Friday night and stayed with us and then today at the party he took all the video and most of the pictures and he helped with soooo much! It is awesome just to have him around and see him with Jr! :) Mom is still in school for another week and then she is retired! Dad is in London & Heather is working and couldn't make it out from Vegas.  We had such a fun day, feeding the ducks, playing with the balls, eating cake, blowing bubbles, and it was so nice out too! we are going to open Jr.'s presents tomorrow on his actual bday!  We are home now chillin and watching  a movie together, Me, John, & Shannon.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Okay so today was Saturday and it was a very productive Saturday at that! Unfortunately Shannon had to go into work this morning from 8-12 (the call center that he is starting up at work has no supervisor or manager yet so he is still doing it all) but then he came home and we ate lunch.  Then we went to Costco in Lakewood to get a jasmine star plant (I love the way they smell and it was only 15.97) and a helium tank and 42 balloon kit for Jr.'s party next weekend. We ate all the samples that they were handing out and Jr loved them too!  Shannon also got a shelf unit that is steel and each shelf can hold up to 1500 lbs! it looks great in our garage and he put it together when we got home in about an hour. Jr played in the garage and outside while Shannon was putting the shelf together and we did some cleaning out of the garage and I planted my new plant. We ordered pizza and then Pop called and said he needed Shannon to go help with a marble vanity that he bought at Home Depot so we did bath time with Jr and then he left. It was a very good day and any day I get to spend a lot of time with Shannon is a great day!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catching Up

Okay so I realize I haven't been here in a while, but here I am! A lot has happened since January! My Son Shannon Jr. is now walking, trying to say everything, getting into everything, and VERY independent!  I am still working from home and loving it!  I just celebrated my first Mother's Day and I guess you could say that day is what prompted me to get back on here and write.  I want to keep this journal daily, weekly etc. and keep track of life's happenings so myself and my family can look back on this one day.
I can't believe it will be one year since I gave birth to my little bundle of joy! I enjoyed my pregnancy so much even though it was a VERY streddful time for us , looking to buy our first home and getting kicked out of our current home... It has been a year since I worked as an Event planner and Executive Assistant and we have come sooooo far as a family. I am planning his birthday party now... BIG fun for the BIG 1!! Shannon and I are really getting the hang of this parenting stuff and we are doing good.  I miss our date nights so we are going to get those back going.  I wish circumstances with my mother in law were better right now so that leaving the baby with them wasn't such a struggle for me but with a lot of prayer I am believing that it will get better.  I just really miss my mom.  I wish I could combine AZ & CA - that would be perfect... housing prices and family and friends from AZ with the entertainment and good weather of CA! I really feel grateful to have such a wonderful family and legacy that I come from.  I learned so much from my mom and still am- I love skyping with her and the rest fo my family - it takes away the miles!  Well my next big project that I am going to start working on is weaning Jr and in turn working with him to fall asleep at nap time with out my help.  He is doing pretty good at bed time (after I nurse him) so once he starts milk I am going to really work with him on that.  Also he has 3 teeth cutting through right now so I think some of it is for comfort right now.  He is so curious and adventurous! Just today he figured out how to open the doors on our tv entertainment stand ....UH OH! hahaha he also found the pull outs and the drawer in the ottoman! He amazes me everyday- lets see the things that he discovered so far.... the doggie door- everything can go out that! the dog food bowl and water dispenser... the cabinets, drawers in the kitchen an bathroom... the trash cans, the water machine, the end tables (crawls through them) the doggies toys ( he shakes them in front of Sophie and then puts them in her mouth) and so much more!!! I LOVE being a mom! We go to different parks and some that have ponds, where we feed the ducks- JR loves ducks and so do I! He likes to pick up things from the ground like rocks and hold them in his hands -I have to really watch him to make sure he doesn't get anything in hos mouth because he sure tries... I am working my Mary Kay business and also my notary business and I feel really blessed for all the opportunities that I am given...What's amazing to me is that on what I have brought in (on a VERY part time basis) and Shannon's new position with his new company ( VP of servicing at REDC) and new salary- we have not noticed much of a difference even with all the new things to spend money on in our life - I feel so blessed and watched over and protected by my heavenly father... His love surrounds me and I have such peace which I am thankful for! ok gotta run and clean up the house before he wakes up from his nap!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Oh! I almost forgot to write in my goals while I was here... This year I am really focused on "doing" more... actions speak louder then words right? SO... I will....
1. Walk every day (treadmill or outside with Jr)
2. Remember all important birthdays with card or a phone call
3. Keep track of my business weekly accomplishments (for tax purposes) weekly
4. Follow up with my clients on a quarterly basis (minimum)
5. Travel to AZ to visit my family quarterly (minimum)

This is a good place for me to start and remember that I am not Superwoman but I am a SUPER woman!